Grape Salad With Sour Cream, Cream Cheese, Pecans & Toffee


0:05 hi my name is Chris antes a personal

0:08 chef with the chef for you to have I'm

0:09 here at the conscious cook kitchen to

0:10 show you a recipe for a salad with some

0:13 grapes some sour cream cream cheese

0:16 pecans and toffee so we'll start off

0:20 with just a little bit of some iceberg

0:22 lettuce in here okay we're gonna throw

0:24 in our grapes I've got some green and

0:31 some of the red okay you're gonna give

0:34 it a good dollop of our sour cream I'll

0:39 also grab some cream cheese get that in

0:47 there okay

0:49 now we'll add pecans then some chunks of

0:57 our toffee I'm gonna press down on that

1:00 cream cheese it's nice and soft mix it

1:08 all around okay and then there we have

1:29 our salad our salad of grapes cream

1:32 cheese sour cream pecans and toffee

1:39 you