Eggplant Parmesan Recipe


0:00 hello this is kareem from shakes pics

0:02 right now we are going to be making a

0:04 quick eggplant parmesan here are some of

0:08 the ingredients that we need we need a

0:11 skillet I put about a couple tablespoons

0:15 of olive oil in the skillet I'm into

0:21 three garlic cloves generous pinch of

0:24 red pepper flakes a small diced tomato

0:28 many three tablespoons of heavy cream

0:31 three generous heaping tablespoons of

0:34 fresh basil parmesan Romano cheese

0:38 grated some breadcrumbs and those two

0:43 items are to be used as liberal as you

0:46 like one medium-sized eggplant these

0:51 this is already fried

0:54 some black pepper fresh black ok so here

0:59 we go when your skillet is nice and hot

1:02 you want to go ahead and add that garlic

1:04 to it listen to that nice sizzle want to

1:11 go ahead and add my flicks I'm not going

1:14 to let that sit down and so now I'm just

1:18 getting my eggplant in the skillet right

1:25 now we're going to go ahead and add our

1:27 Tomatoes get everything nice and hot

1:32 yeah and the tomatoes are well machine

1:45 want to be gentle put some cream

2:08 so we have our cream set you don't want

2:11 to mess with it and agitate it too much

2:13 rse goes in

2:23 and this is some cracked black pepper

2:28 just with some flavor

2:38 I'm going to top this off some parmesan

2:42 Romano shredded cheese and we're just

2:48 going to let this sit right there soak

2:54 up all those flavors now you add the

3:02 bread crumbs if you feel like you need

3:03 it personally I don't need it in this

3:07 dish because i breaded my parmesan I'm

3:11 sorry i breaded my eggplant before I got

3:14 started and voila here we go eggplant

3:18 parmesan real quick and easy tastes

3:20 great