Religious Easter Decorating Ideas

Easter is the celebration of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. We celebrate the day in a variety of ways; including visits from the Easter Bunny, who leaves children gifts of candy and Easter eggs. The religious connotation of the holy day is sadly sometimes overlooked. There are a few key religious components to keep in mind when decorating for Easter. Find creative ways to incorporate one or more of these into your Easter decor.

The Cross & Crown

Symbolizing the crucifixion of Jesus Christ just two days prior to the Resurrection on Easter Sunday, the cross is the symbol of both Christianity as well as a representation of Easter. Create decorative scenes for Easter--whether on a wall or on a table, and make the cross the center symbol of it all.

Use grape vines to create a crown of thorns representative of the crown Jesus wore as He was crucified. Some people like to surround their cross with a crown as a religious way to decorate for Easter.

The Empty Tomb

Create a depiction of the empty tomb as part of your Easter decorations. The Bible says Jesus was laid in a tomb, and when others went to pay their respects on Easter Sunday, the tomb was empty. Some Sunday Schools hold Easter egg hunts for their children, and the child who finds the empty egg---symbolic of the empty tomb---wins a prize; usually a chocolate cross.

You may symbolize the empty tomb in a number of ways. Tomb Cookies are edible decorations that clearly depict the empty tomb.Visit in the links below for the recipe and decorating tips. Lay out a tray of these cookies near your Easter decor for further enhancement of the religious aspects of the holiday.

Window paint is a perfect way to utilize both the cross and the empty tomb in your Easter decorating plans. Buy the window paints at your local craft store, and create a scene starting with the crucifixion on Good Friday and culminating with the empty tomb. Draw the scenes on the inside of a picture window for everyone to enjoy both inside and outside your home.

The Risen Lord

The Resurrection tells us that Jesus isn't dead. On Easter morning He rose again. A few days later He ascended into Heaven and is seated at the right hand of God. Incorporate symbols of the living Jesus amidst your Easter decorations. Figurines of Jesus with the children or Jesus healing the sick are all appropriate options for Easter decorating, Pictures of Jesus preaching may be set on table tops beside a cross. Stained glass ornaments of Jesus performing his many works may be hung in windows.