Red Light Skin Therapy

Red light skin therapy was made famous by its excellent anti-aging effect and non-surgical solutions to virtually all skin problems. The technology behind the red light skin therapy gives a solution to treating vascular or pigmented lesions, sun damage, pigmentation and photoaging problems.

Skin Problems

Red light skin therapy eliminates injured skin tissues so patients end up with youthful looking skin. It is known to remedy seemingly incurable conditions such as erythema, rosacea and acne and acne scars.

How it Works

The equipment used on the therapy projects a spectrum of red light that is transmitted to a small and transparent hand piece that is placed gently on the skin. The red light passes through a cut-out filter to adjust its intensity or wavelength range and optimize its benefits on specific skin conditions.


Results may take time to surface. Side-effects, pain and complications are rare. Harsh chemicals are not used.


Post-treatment discomforts are almost non-existent with red light treatments. There’s usually no need for pain relievers and other medications. Patients usually notice improvements over the course of 60 to 90 days.


Olive, brown or black-skinned patients may notice an obvious lightening or darkening on the affected area. This therapy is not for people with active skin infections at the area of treatment. It can possibly activate herpes virus infections.