How to Recognize Signs of an Extramarital Affair

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You may have chosen to read this article because you are afraid that your gnawing gut feeling about your spouse's activities is the first sign of an extramarital affair. A cheating spouse is usually careful in covering his tracks but sometimes there are loose ends that make you imagine the worst. Here are more ways to understand the truth before you confront your spouse directly about the affair.

Paper Trail

Track the cell phone bills for unfamiliar phone numbers appearing repeatedly. If your spouse is deleting incoming calls from caller ID, speaking in low whispers and hanging up quickly, these are signs of hiding something.

Check for unaccounted expenses by going through the credit card statements. Extramarital affairs usually involve gifts. Check the bank statements and ATM withdrawal slips for unusual amounts in case your partner paid cash. Pay attention to dates close to holidays and Valentines Day.

Go through your spouse's pay stubs to understand the number of hours and days she worked. Scan the details for vacations, overtime or personal time off days that you are not aware of.

Physical Appearance

Watch if his personal hygiene and grooming styles have improved overnight. Observe if your spouse takes extra care about breath and body odor or becomes more conscious about fashion trends and intimate apparel.

Look out for new gym memberships or increased spa appointments. A cheating spouse will have a sudden awareness about her appearance.

Check for new perfume smells and scratches or hickeys on your spouse.

Behavioral Changes

Notice if your partner has stopped confiding in you. Cheating spouses are sometimes overly considerate by offering to help around the house or unfairly accusatory, sensitive or defensive.

Observe if your spouse is spending more time online. Refusal to share the passwords, deleting inbound emails or clearing message archives on chat messengers are signs that should send a warning bell.

Note if your partner shows more interest in sex, new positions, love techniques and asks your opinion about how he does. On the contrary, a cheating spouse may also show lack of interest in sex because he is too tired, stressed or overworked.

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