Ready-to-Wear Ideas for a Bridesmaid's Dress


0:04 hi I'm Jessica Epstein co-founder of

0:07 Grace and Elise styling and accessories

0:09 I'm here from serendipity Bridal in

0:12 Austin Texas to talk to you a little bit

0:14 about how to take a ready-to-wear dress

0:16 and turn it into a bridesmaid's dress

0:17 this is Lacey she's gonna be my model

0:20 she happens to be wearing one of grace

0:22 and the Lisa's are ready to wear belts

0:23 and this is a dress that I've chosen out

0:26 of her closet adding a fun unexpected

0:29 accessory is a great way to make any

0:31 dress bridal aisle ready Lacey I'm gonna

0:34 have you take that belt off the first

0:37 belt we're gonna add is called the Dylan

0:40 belt and this is from our new fall 2012

0:44 collection just by adding this little

0:49 bit of sparkle makes this ready-to-wear

0:53 dress very bridesmaid ready it's very

0:58 cute and it has just a little bit of

1:00 sparkle just enough so that's one option

1:08 just to show you some other options this

1:10 piece is called the precious belt and

1:15 this is for somebody who might not want

1:17 to add that really bright sparkle but

1:21 still wants to give it a little bit of

1:23 dimension and texture this is a perfect

1:25 option another great way to take any

1:31 dress from your closet and make it

1:33 Bridal I already is to add an unexpected

1:35 accessory in the hair this is also a

1:37 Grace and Elise belt called snowball you

1:40 can wear it as a belt but some of the

1:42 girls might choose a dress out of their

1:44 closet that aren't necessarily cut for a

1:45 belt this would be a great way to

1:47 incorporate the same piece for every

1:49 girl but have one of the girls that wear

1:51 it in her hair somebody else can wear it

1:53 as a belt it's really cute either way

1:55 and these pieces are a great addition to

2:00 any of your bridesmaids wardrobes this

2:03 is a really good example of how adding a

2:05 very small accessory can make a really

2:08 big impact in your pictures and in on

2:10 your big day