How to Wear a French Beret


0:00 hi I'm Kristen Smith Hilton global

0:03 fashion stylist and beauty expert as

0:05 well as the president and creative

0:06 director of novellas style group with

0:09 how to wear a French beret the chic

0:12 accessory has come to us from the

0:15 European style and most commonly

0:17 attributed to the French though not

0:20 exclusive

0:21 the French beret is designed to sit low

0:24 on the head with a little bit of extra

0:27 material for you to have along the back

0:30 or the side whatever is your preference

0:32 you can also add a flower or an

0:35 accessory to the beret to give it a

0:37 little bit more style there's another

0:40 option to the French beret which is a

0:42 little bit more of a cap style it will

0:44 be rigid and sit straight up on your

0:46 head for you to tilt over the left or

0:49 the right side of your eye giving you

0:51 that European chic style

0:52 that the French designed so long ago I'm

0:55 Kristen Smith Hilton with how to wear a

0:58 French beret