How to Wrap a Scarf Around Your Head


0:00 hi I'm Kristen Smith Hilton global

0:03 fashion stylist and president of novela

0:05 style group with how to wrap a scarf

0:07 around her head the scarf around your

0:10 head is very reminiscent of the early

0:12 days when the convertible was the car

0:14 and the must-have for all stylish women

0:18 women often referred to the scarf as

0:20 part of their driving clothes so

0:23 wrapping a scarf around your head not

0:25 only provides that your hair will stay

0:27 in place on your destination but it

0:29 gives you a stylish look while doing so

0:31 it is best to take the longer and wider

0:34 scarf I found that a pashmina style is a

0:37 great style for this vent taking the

0:40 scarf I'm gonna bring it right to the

0:44 edge of your hairline make sure you have

0:47 it just the way you want it bring it

0:50 around the front up over your left

0:54 shoulder up over your right shoulder and

0:58 then you can bring one side around and

1:02 you are all ready to go I'm Kristen

1:05 Smith Hilton with how to wrap a scarf

1:07 around your head