Ideas on How to Recycle & Refashion Clothes


0:05 hi I'm Rebecca me from ink and

0:08 I'm here today to give you ideas on how

0:10 to recycle and re fashion clothing so

0:14 I've got something really special today

0:17 this is a dress that is actually from a

0:19 great boutique that read works some

0:22 vintage pieces in Venice Beach called me

0:24 and blue so what they did was they

0:28 recycled they took a skirt which is

0:30 basically a skirt that's not being worn

0:33 very often it might have been driving on

0:34 the ground a little bit too long a

0:37 little bit too hippy looking long skirt

0:40 you know wanted to get it shorter and

0:42 the short one wouldn't really work so

0:44 what can you do with this

0:45 so this skirt has been repurposed this

0:48 skirt just like this into a dress so

0:51 it's a cute mini dress that has that

0:53 same feeling of that cotton gauzy

0:55 feeling these skirts have but it's

0:57 designed redesigned into a really cute

1:01 dress that you can wear that's more

1:02 contemporary looking and you can even

1:04 add on some tie dye into the fabrics to

1:07 make it a cool little 70s look again

1:10 thanks so much for watching I'm Rebekah

1:13 mink farming shoes calm

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