Properties of Green Onyx

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The legend of onyx begins with the Greek God, Eros, clipping his fingernails and letting them fall to the ground. The nail clippings were turned into onyx by other gods since nothing on the heavenly body can die. This stone has a smooth, waxy luster and is often dyed green. They look attractive in necklaces, bracelets and pendants. Onyx, no matter what color the stone is dyed, is known to possess different characteristics and properties that make it unique.

Healing Properties

Alternative medicine techniques involve gemstone therapy, which is a type of therapy using gemstones to connect people with universal energy around them. Although these effects can't be proven scientifically, this stone has been beaded in rosaries and used as worry stones over the centuries and is believed to have healing properties.

Hold onyx in your hands to soothe your overwhelming feelings, no matter what color the stone is dyed. Cure anxiety and strengthen your positive perspectives with this stone too. Wearing this stone in a necklace might mentally restore your focus, ease sexual tension and helps resolve disputes in relationships.

Onyx can cure physical healing bodily symptoms too: cell damage, ulcers, heart trouble, hearing problems, glaucoma and even epilepsy. This stone tends to increase your overall strength and stamina too. Onyx is also known to improve the structures of your body like bones, teeth, feet and hair. It can also treat soft fingernails and aching feet.

Scientific Properties

Onyx has a triangular crystal structure and a part of the quartz group. This stone has a hardness of 7. The texture of onyx is very fine and smooth and it is typically mined in places like India, Brazil and California. Natural onyx is normally deep black, white or rich brown and occasionally has naturally-occurring wavy white bands. The onyx is then dyed in the color green for aesthetics. Onyx is a member of the chalcedony family, as other stones in this family include bloodstone and agate.

Magical Properties

Onyx is a mysterious stone that has been involved with magic lore ever since the ancient times. It was believed that onyx was a manifested demon imprisoned in stone long ago. This demon would awake at night and spread terror to people in its range of influence. Onyx has been as a powerful protector against black magic or anyone who's focusing negativity towards you, again, no matter what color it is. Some magic practitioners use it for divination rituals too.