What Is Personal Growth & Development?

by Bill Faulkner

Human development is a lifelong process. People are capable of growing, learning and improving throughout their entire lives, and the ability to do so has an impact on many areas. Personal growth is necessary both in the workplace and in relationships. There are various components of personal development, including responsibility, learning, behavior and attitude. Striving to improve these areas will lead to greater opportunities in the workplace and healthy relationships.


Personal growth and development are relevant to the workplace. Employers want employees who are learning and growing. People who are becoming more knowledgeable and adept at their positions are more valuable than employees who remain stagnant. An ideal employee will be capable of handling and understanding more than one position, as this allows for greater flexibility within the organization.


Relationships often require work and effort on behalf of the individuals involved. When a person is able to grow and develop, it helps to foster healthy relationships. Additionally, having a significant other to offer support can be immensely helpful when one is looking to develop potential and grow into a more complete person.


One area for personal growth is responsibility. Being responsible is a trait often identified with adulthood and maturity. The ability to accomplish and take on new responsibilities is especially important in the workplace. Employers evaluate their employees on how well they do at completing tasks. Beyond just meeting tasks, employees who seek out additional responsibility are more likely to be rewarded with greater compensation and the opportunity for better positions. Developing the ability to be responsible helps enable one to grow in her career.


Humans grow and develop by learning new skills and acquiring additional knowledge. One way for a person to develop is to further his education. Education is a valued commodity in the business world, and institutions of higher learning provide ample opportunity for an individual to grow. Colleges and universities promote critical thinking. By using this resource, an employee can take steps towards developing his career.


By developing and growing, one's attitude can change for the better. Self-confidence will be improved with the acquisition of new skills and knowledge. The more one comes to respect herself, the more respect she can, in turn, offer others. An improved attitude can lead to further growth and development and help one achieve her full potential. The better an attitude one has, the more she is able to accomplish. Employers will notice those workers who have great attitudes and get a lot done. Employees like that are the ones who become promoted and reap greater financial benefit.

About the Author

Bill Faulkner has been a Michigan-based freelance writer since 2002. Faulkner produces advertising, marketing and Web copy for various businesses and also writes content for a variety of websites. Faulkner holds a Bachelor of Arts in English from Hope College and has been writing online instructional articles since 2009.