How to Overcome Abandonment Issues

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Most people have some level of abandonment issues that need to be resolved, while others have debilitating problems due to this fear. Most abandonment issues begin in infancy due to the need to be constantly cared for by someone else, and continue on into adulthood because of such events as divorce, bad relationships and abuse. If these issues are never overcome you will likely experience problems in relationships for the rest of your life. There are steps that can be taken to help deal with these issues and have a healthy and fulfilling life.

Contact a therapist in your area to begin counseling on a regular basis. Find someone who you can trust and who understands abandonment issues. Ask the individual about his experience helping people overcome abandonment issues.

Write down the times when your abandonment issues feel the worst to you. Include information about what had just happened in order to locate triggers to these feelings.

Communicate your fears of abandonment with the people closest to you. Talking about them is one of the best ways for them to become resolved. Be open and honest during these conversations.

Write about your fears in a journal, including the negative thoughts that you have. Reframe the negative thoughts by writing something positive that could be happening instead. This will help train your brain towards thinking positively instead of focusing on the negative.

Change your expectations regarding the amount of attention that you need and deserve from others. Work on making yourself happy instead by doing things that you enjoy. Find hobbies to help occupy your time and fulfill your life.