What Do You Need From Your Marriage to Feel Emotionally Safe?

by Jack John

You have found someone with whom you feel very comfortable. You share the same values, have common interests and have the same goals. You make each other happy and you can't imagine being without each other, so you have decided to take the leap and get married. Marriage is one of the most powerful bonds two people can share and the relationship you have with the person you marry will have a profound impact on many other aspects of your life. Feeling emotionally secure is one of the cornerstones of a healthy marriage, and there are several ways in which you and your spouse can achieve this sense of security.


One of the foundations of any successful relationship is trust. In marriage, trust is vital for feeling emotionally secure. Trust means that you honor and respect one another. You can rely and depend on one another. When there is trust in a marriage, there is no worry of deception or ill-will.


While you may have differences of opinion and you may not see eye-to-eye on all things, you should feel confident that your spouse will accept you, no matter what. Being able to share the real you -- the good, the bad and everything in between -- is vital for a sense of emotional security in a marriage. When you feel accepted, you can open up and share all sides of the real you.

Good Communication

Communication is essential in a healthy marriage in which you feel emotionally secure. You and your spouse should be able to effectively communicate your feelings, your goals, your ideas and your points-of-view. Being able to properly communicate with one another will allow you to fully understand each other, which is highly important in a healthy marriage.

Emotional Availability

You should have full confidence that your spouse will be there for you emotionally. He should be willing and able to listen to you and respond in an effective manner. You should be offered guidance and support. Emotional availability in a marriage will allow you to feel supported, more self confident and will even help to minimize the stress in your life, as you can rely on your spouse to bear your load with you.

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