Natural Hairstyles for Black Women


0:00 there are many different natural

0:02 hairstyles that you could consider just

0:05 based upon your style your fashion in

0:07 your daily lifestyle one of the most

0:13 common natural hairstyles would be an

0:17 afro or even twist braids or just wear

0:24 your hair naturally curly by doing a

0:27 texturizer she's wearing a shoulder

0:33 length bob that is cut with blunt bangs

0:36 that falls on her shoulders with layers

0:40 with other layers to it to achieve this

0:43 style when my client Tina comes into the

0:46 hair salon we achieved this style by

0:48 shampooing your hair and conditioning

0:50 initially and then I'll Roller set her

0:53 hair with gray and purple rollers

0:55 alternating these two sides these two

1:00 sides rollers throughout her head litter

1:05 on the dryer for about 45 minutes until

1:08 she's completely dry brush out the curls

1:12 wrap her hair

1:25 most of you are familiar with a roller

1:27 wrap wrap her hair put her on the dryer

1:38 for another 15 minutes and once she's

1:41 done he's calming out I brushed out the

1:46 style wrap it let her sit under the

1:50 dryer for about 15 minutes comb it

1:52 through and it leaves her hair with body

1:55 if not necessarily it doesn't it leaves

2:00 her hair with body shine and it makes it

2:04 also easier for her to maintain at home