How to Accessorize


0:07 hi I'm Christy Prince hail and today

0:10 we're going to talk about how to

0:12 accessorize one of my favorite topics so

0:15 let's check out some examples this is a

0:17 simple blue blouse that we're working

0:19 with today and it's got some great

0:21 ruffling here but overall pretty simple

0:23 and a great bright blue color so the

0:26 first accessory that we're going to work

0:28 with here is just a simple gold chain

0:30 now this would be a great look if you

0:32 were just headed to the office and you

0:34 can double it over and it's just a

0:37 really simple classy necklace and

0:40 depending on your your own personality

0:44 you could make it three you can wear it

0:46 however you like but it's just a really

0:48 simple way to accessorize this blouse

0:50 now let's say you have a little bit more

0:53 of a boulder personality and you're

0:55 looking for something that just stands

0:56 out a little bit more so best place to

1:00 go would be with a statement piece a

1:02 statement piece really says hello world

1:05 I'm here check me out so this really

1:08 changes the look of this blouse it

1:10 brightens it all up and it really adds

1:12 some beautiful shimmer so the light is

1:14 going to look fantastic up against your

1:16 face it's a great option now if you're

1:18 looking for something that's not quite

1:20 so blinged out but you still want to

1:22 make sure you're standing out then you

1:25 could go with another statement piece

1:26 option which would be to add some color

1:28 and this is a great option because all

1:32 the colors in here look really nice up

1:34 against this cobalt blue so while it

1:36 there's not the exact cobalt blue in

1:38 here these colors just complement this

1:40 cobalt blue so nicely so this is a great

1:43 option to say hey I'm fun and I'm ready

1:46 to have a good time so there you have it

1:48 that's how to accessorize make sure you

1:50 play with your own personality when

1:51 you're choosing your accessories and

1:53 you'll look fantastic thanks for joining

1:55 me I'm Christie Prince ham

1:58 you

2:12 you