How to Create Basic Cornrows


0:03 Hello this is Jacqueline on behalf of In this section we would be talking about

0:08 how to make a basic cornrow. Practice makes perfect. Once you have all of your tools dampen

0:14 the hair with a spray bottle or light oil before you begin braiding. You could do one

0:19 section at a time. Having the hair moist is better for getting the best tightest braids

0:24 without pulling tight. The dampness will dry and make it tight and naturally. You do not

0:29 need to pull the scalp and it should not hurt. Part the section of hair to be braided and

0:34 clip the rest of the hair out of the way. At the point that you want the braid to begin

0:38 grab a portion of hair to be divided into three more smaller sections. If the hair is

0:43 short or fine at the hairlines start small but, still don't pull to tight. Start a normal

0:48 French braid for about the first one or two Y patterns if possible before you begin adding

0:53 hair as you go. Now as you hold the three sections reach down under with your index

0:59 finger and grab a small amount of hair to add to the middle section of the braid. With

1:04 the other hand do the same thing and keep going making the Y pattern until you run out

1:08 of the extra hair. Always keeping the three strands. Continue the braid as a normal French

1:14 braid all the way to the end of the hair. Then secure with a rubber band especially

1:20 made for hair, barrette, bead, or whatever you like to clip it with. There is a natural

1:28 rhythm to braiding and once you get it it is just a matter of repetition.