How to Make a French Twist


0:07 hi I'm Jessica tingly and we are up here

0:10 at Frederic Fekkai and Beverly Hills

0:11 and these are my style tips so step one

0:18 when you're starting your French twist

0:19 is you want to take your hair and

0:22 lightly backcomb everywhere with a big

0:25 paddle brush just to give you some body

0:27 and some lift it's just taking large

0:32 sections and gently back combing like

0:36 that and then you can just smooth it out

0:47 a little bit without brushing on all

0:51 your back combing

0:56 and now you're ready to start with step

0:59 two which is brushing your hair all the

1:02 way to the side really nice and smooth

1:08 and you're just going to take bobby pins

1:10 and pin them straight up the back now

1:18 you're ready for step three which is

1:19 your twist so you're gathering the

1:21 remaining hair put your thumb in the

1:24 center and just twist the hair around

1:27 your thumb just like that and then

1:32 you're just going to take and some hair

1:35 pins and secure it I like to take the

1:39 pin get the hair gather into the hair

1:42 and then push it in this is what makes

1:45 it so secure

1:55 and step four is just finishing the

1:57 whole look with some hairspray and you

1:59 can use the spray to tame any little

2:02 hairs that are coming out and just do a

2:07 nice light nice light spray just like

2:12 that and there you have a French twist