How to Get Rid of Moles Naturally


0:00 hi I'm Kelli I'm an aesthetician and

0:02 makeup artist at Ulta Salon and

0:03 cosmetics and I'm going to talk to you

0:05 about getting rid of moles naturally

0:08 depends on what type of mall it is

0:10 there's a lot of different

0:11 classifications of moles if it's a flat

0:14 bowl such as a freckle

0:17 those can be lightened up and help you

0:21 know you can kind of get rid of those

0:22 but if it's a raised mole or is

0:24 something that you've had from birth

0:25 probably not going to be able to get rid

0:27 of it on your own without going to a

0:29 dermatologist and actually having it

0:30 removed but if you are have like

0:33 freckles or kind of uneven skin tone

0:36 something like that that you want to

0:37 remove easiest thing to do is to get a

0:40 pigment lightening gel with this one has

0:43 a 2% hydroquinone it's just a gel you're

0:46 going to basically put it over the area

0:50 that you're trying to light in and you

0:54 do this twice a day you have to be

0:56 consistent with it for at least six to

0:58 eight weeks basically what it does is it

1:02 helps to lighten the discoloration and

1:04 it helps to prevent the pigment from

1:06 producing so it's going to lighten any

1:09 discolorations and give you a more even

1:11 look and help to eventually get rid of

1:12 that freckle when using a product such

1:16 as this so you do want to be really

1:17 careful with your sun exposure and you

1:19 definitely want to use a sunscreen so

1:21 there are some ways that you can get rid

1:22 of moles