How to Motivate Senior Citizens

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Many senior citizens lead healthy productive lives. They are engaged in life with many friends and activities. But sometimes senior citizens need some motivation to become involved in life again. With a little encouragement and an easing of their concerns, they can find their inner strength to embrace life. Being that encouraging force in their lives can make all the difference. As they engage with others and activities, their health may improve as well. We are made for relationship and productivity. Without those experiences our body, mind and spirit suffer.

Extend an Invitation

Extend an invitation to your loved one to come with you on an outing. Choose an activity she can actively participate in and will enjoy. Be aware of her physical and mental limitations as you choose an activity. Be sure the outing is for her and you have the time to give. Having you there will increase the likelihood she will continue to attend.

Take a Class

Enrolling him in a class that interests him is a positive option. Talk to him and bring information so he can be involved in making a choice. Most classes for senior citizens are either free or inexpensive. It is a good way to socialize while learning a new skill. You can find classes online, on community boards, in newspapers or at senior activity centers. Bring him the first few times so he has some encouragement to attend. Follow up with him after each class to ensure he likes the class and to address any concerns he may have.

Volunteer Opportunities

Look into volunteer opportunities that might interest her. Schools and libraries are typically looking for senior citizens to volunteer. The interaction between children and senior citizens can be positive for all involved. Museums are also great places senior citizens can volunteer and share their wealth of knowledge.


Exercise has benefits for body, mind and spirit. Most communities have exercise classes for senior citizens, which are specifically geared toward their capabilities. Many are in the pool, as the water lessens the impact on joints. Taking a short walk each day can make a significant difference as well. There are even exercises senior citizens can do in a chair. Getting them moving will likely encourage them to be more involved in life overall.