How to Mix Your Own Vinegar & Oil for Sandwiches

by M.H. Dyer

A basic vinaigrette requires nothing more than oil and vinegar, which adds a bright, tangy flavor to foods like salads, fish, cold cuts or homemade sandwiches. Take your time when mixing oil and vinegar, because the secret is slow, even mixing. Although the two substances will eventually separate, they stay together long enough to make a flavorful sandwich dressing.

Go for the Gusto

To mix vinegar and oil, start by pouring your desired amount of vinegar in a bowl. Pour a thin stream of oil into the vinegar while you whisk the mixture vigorously with your other hand. Pour the oil very slowly, not much more than a drop at a time. Although a basic dressing consists of approximately one part vinegar to three parts oil, you can adjust the ratio to suit your preferences. If you want to embellish the dressing with extras such as salt, pepper, mustard, sugar, herbs, or finely chopped garlic or shallots, add them to the vinegar before you mix in the oil.

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