Methods of Piercing Your Nose

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Before the 1990s, very few people had body piercings; however, around the mid-1990s, the body modification trend gained popularity. People started piercing their lips, eyebrows and noses. Although you can get your nose pierced several different ways, the safest way is to have a professional piercer do it. Home methods, though effective, can result in infection and complications, if you don't use ultrasanitary methods.

Wire Piercing

Wire piercing is probably the most unconventional way of doing a nose piercing, but some who believe in Ayurveda use this method. The piercer uses a wire, composed of either 18 karat or 22 karat gold, to pierce a hole in the nose. After that, the piercer loops the wire and forms it into a ring, after which the piercer joins the two ends, closing the ring. The wire is left there, keeping the hole open, and serves as the nose ring.

Piercing Gun

Using a piercing gun to pierce a nose is probably the quickest way to accomplish the task. The piercer preloads the plastic gun with a piercing stud, which features a very sharp point at the end of the stud. This point is forced through the nose very quickly, once the piercer presses the trigger on the piercing gun. The stud then pokes a hold through the nostril, resulting in the piercing.

Needle Method

Using a needle to pierce the nose is the way most piercings are done. Body piercers use this method. Just like the wire and plastic gun method, a piercer uses a needle to poke a hole through the nostril. Once the hole is made, the piercer immediately inserts a stud or wire ring in the piercing. As with the other methods, the stud or ring must be left in place for about a month.


Taking care of a fresh nose piercing is important. The first three weeks after the piercing are crucial. You must rotate the stud or ring within the nostril on a regular basis. It's also important to not touch the piercing site. Touching the piercing can cause infection because of the oils and bacteria on your fingers. If the piercing was not done properly, then it's possible for the stud or ring to fall out -- that's why it's important to have a professional do the piercing.