How to Meet Asian Women for Marriage

In China, the Philippines, and other parts Asia, there are many single women who want to marry an American. Many men in the US have found their wives across the Pacific using Asian dating services or international match-making agencies.

If you would like to meet an Asian woman to marry and start a family, here the steps you can take to find a potential wife overseas.

First, learn about immigration laws. Even if you meet a woman in Asia and make her your fiancee, and even if you get married (in the US or in Asia), it can take up to year for your wife to become a Permanent Resident.

Immigration through marriage is more difficult than immigration through a blood relative or employer. You and your wife have to prove that she did not marry you merely to live in the US. Plan ahead by saving evidence of correspondence, face to face meetings, and proof that you have known each other at least a year before marrying.

Next, find a reliable Asian dating service. If you know other men who have met their wives in Asia, get recommendations for good agencies. Look for agencies that take care of travel arrangements to meet your future wife.

Avoid scam agencies that ask for a lot of money up front, or offer limited means of contact to eligible women overseas.

Take care of your appearance, manners, health, and hygiene to create a good impression. There is a misconception that a "mail order bride" will marry the first American she meets just to get a green card. This is not true. Even women from underdeveloped parts of Asia have standards, and they will not marry someone who seems slobby.

Learn the native language of your girlfriend or fiancee. Many women in Asia who use these match making services already know some American English, and most of these services offer translators. But, you will make a better impression on your fiancee's family if you can speak their language. It also looks good to immigration officials.

Budget money and schedule time for trips to visit your future wife in her country. Most men make at least two trips to get to know their fiancees and families. When you are there, make inquiries to ensure that your fiancee can legally marry you. For example, make certain that she is of legal age, is not already married or betrothed to someone else.

When you and your fiancee have decided on a date to wed, prepare all the immigration paperwork ahead of time so that you can file the forms as soon as your marriage is certified.