How to Make Your Boyfriend Want You More Today


It can be tough to find the perfect guy. It can be even tougher to keep him. There are always girls out there to tempt him. There is also a natural instinct in men to hunt. Here are tips on how to make sure that you boyfriend continues to want you as much as you want him.

The first step is to never be too available. If he does not make a date with you at least a day in advance do not accept the date. You want him to realize that you are a prize and priority, not a backup in case nothing better comes up.

The next step is to pause before saying yes to a date. You always want him to realize that, if he does not watch out, he could loose you at any time. This will make him continue to fight to keep you and ignore other girls.

The next step is to be easy going. You may want to go out to a fancy dinner and he invites you over to see television. Remember that your goal is to be with your man, it does not matter what you are doing. You want a date with you to be a breeze, not a challenge or negotiation.

Now when you are with him make sure that you let go of his hand first. This will remind him that he needs to focus on you not anyone else, otherwise you could drift away.

If he is starting to take you for granted, then plan a trip with other girls. Let him know that you are going away out of cell phone coverage. This will show him how lonely he can get without you. Then when you get back he will want you more than ever.

Do not get sloppy about how you look. They likely won't dump you over looks, but you want to make sure that you are the one and only woman that they are checking out.

Last but not least read the newspapers and listen to talk radio. This will help you be able to intelligently talk to him about anything and everything. Most men want the mentally connection as well as other connections. This will help you get that.

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