Laser Treatment for Loose Arm Skin

The natural aging process or dramatic weight loss may result in skin that appears loose and sagging, particularly in the upper arm area. Fortunately, there are laser treatments available to address loose arm skin.


Laser treatment is used to improve the condition of loose arm skin by tightening, firming and smoothing out the contour of the skin.


Laser treatment is a non-invasive (non-surgical) cosmetic procedure that involves the use of laser energy and precision to penetrate the skin and stimulate processes that improve its health, functionality and appearance.

How It Works

Laser treatment for loose skin tightens and firms the skin by using thermal energy to contract and thicken collagen (the skin's fibrous protein responsible for its structure and appearance) and stimulate collagen production so that the skin continues to improve after treatment.


Titan, Polaris and Thermage are popular (and FDA-approved) types of laser treatment for skin tightening. Laser-guided liposuction can also help tighten skin, but, unlike laser treatments, it requires incision.

Side Effects

Side effects and risks of laser procedures are minimal, and may include redness and swelling that subside within a day or two.


The full effects of a laser-tightening treatment appear gradually and can take up to two to six months to see the full visible effect. How long results last depends on the type of treatment.