How to Install Load Leveling Bars in a Travel Trailer

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When towing a travel trailer, using load-leveling bars is critical for safe travel. Load-leveling bars, usually referred to as weight-distribution bars, balance the weight of the travel trailer and spread the weight more evenly upon the hitch system of your towing truck. You can find many different types and models of weight distribution bars, and each installation may be slightly different depending on the model and manufacturer of your bars.

Connect your truck's hitch to the travel trailer. Use a guide to direct you if you have any challenges connecting the trailer to your hitch.

Park your truck and trailer on a flat surface. Having both on a flat surface will allow you to test for level and to make the proper adjustments to your hitch system.

Lower the jack and raise the trailer a few inches off the ground. This will take weight off the hitch system and will allow you to install the load-leveling bars.

Place the weight-distribution bars into place hitch-end first. The other end of the weight-distribution bars will have a slight curve. Place the curved ends onto the weight distribution arms installed on your travel trailer.

Hook the weight-distribution chain onto the top of the travel trailer's distribution arms. If this is your first time setting up your load-leveling bars, connect the chain to the arm, leaving three open links hanging. You may or may not need to adjust them later in the set up process.

Use an open-ended pipe to lift the trailer's distribution arm into place and secure it with the included locking pin. Complete this for both sides of the trailer.

Crank the jack so that all the weight is off the jack and onto your tow vehicle.

Use your level to check to see that the travel trailer is level. If the trailer tilts down, lower the jack again to raise up the back of your tow vehicle and repeat steps 5 through 7. Check for level again.

Hook tow chains to the hitch system and connect all electrical wires. Inspect to ensure that you have raised and locked all jacks before towing and that your lights are fully operational.