Ideas for an Italian Themed Wedding

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Throwing a themed wedding adds a new element to a couple’s special day. Guests can enjoy celebrating with the happy couple surrounded by food, decor, a location, and traditions from a different country. Italy is a country famous for its wine, food, and family values. An Italian theme can be easily incorporated into a wedding.

Food & Drink

Italy is the homeland of pizza and pasta. Focus on serving authentic Italian food if you’re having a themed wedding. It’s about the types of food and the way it’s served that will give it an Italian feel to guests. Make sure there’s plenty of food, as traditional Italian weddings can serve up to 14 courses. Serve an antipasto for the first course. Examples of these include olives, salads, prosciutto, calamari, and stuffed mushrooms. Offer several main courses throughout the reception. Pasta, soup, salad, meat and fruit will satisfy guests. Serve a variety of desserts to guests. Some of these include pastries, small cakes, fruits, espresso and coffee. Place red and white wine on each table.


Creative décor for the wedding ceremony and reception can bring out your Italian theme. Use greens and purples in your flowers and furniture decoration. Flower girls can hold baskets of grapes when walking down the aisle. Decorate your altar with grapevines. The reception should keep the same color palette as the wedding. Use greens and purples for the chair covers, tablecloths, napkins and curtains. Display artwork of famous Italian monuments, such as Pisa, the Roman aqueducts and the Coliseum. Have your wedding cake as the focal part of the décor. Serve a cake with white icing, and red and green decorations -- the colors of the Italian flag.

Location & Atmosphere

Choose a location for your wedding ceremony and reception that reminds guests of Italy. Italians traditionally get married in church, which is suitable for couples who want religious ceremonies. Other locations for the ceremony can include a rustic farmhouse garden and a vineyard. Hold the reception in a tented area of a garden or vineyard or in an Italian restaurant. Create an Italian atmosphere with traditional music playing in the background of the ceremony. Play some music throughout the reception. Make sure your guests are entertained and lively, as a traditional Italian wedding is full of energy. Play the Tarantella to get your guests dancing.

Italian Wedding Customs

Incorporate wedding customs into your day to make it truly authentic. According to The Knot, a wedding advice website, white doves are released to symbolize love and happiness at some Italian weddings. Another idea is decorating the front of the newlywed’s car with flowers instead of clanging cans tied to the back bumper. Give guests almonds as favors. An odd number of almonds should be given, as even numbers are considered bad luck. Hold your wedding on a Sunday, which is considered the luckiest day for the ceremony.