Hunting Centerpiece Ideas

Shaiith/iStock/Getty Images

Centerpieces can be designed to fit any occasion. When the theme of the party involves hunting, the design of the centerpiece should be determined by the scale and detail you wish to include. Kerosene lanterns, shotgun casings and antique rifles are just a few of the focal elements that can be used in making hunting centerpieces.

Lantern Centerpiece

Traditionally, lit centerpieces have candles or floating tea lights that cast a warm glow over a wreath made up of flowers and greens. This design is one that can readily be altered to accommodate a hunting theme. Start by building a wreath made out of a selection of greenery. Sprigs from evergreens and fir trees as well as ferns are all options that can be incorporated into a lush wreath. Ornamental grasses such as the Carex Prairie Fire can be added to the wreath if you want a touch of color. Kerosene lanterns come in a variety of colors and, in place of a candle, is a more rustic choice for a centerpiece.

Shotgun Cartridge Casings Centerpiece

Shotgun cartridge casings come in many bright colors, and these colors can be easily used to build a centerpiece. To hold all of the casings, start with a wide, circular vase like a fish bowl. Rather than filling the bowl with unspent shotgun casings, use ones that have already been fired. Not only is this a safer option, but once a shotgun cartridge has been fired, the open end of the casing becomes rippled which, while not a perfect match, resembles an open flower. You can choose as many or as few colors as you want when filling the bowl. Once you have it filled almost to the top, pour water into it. Place ferns into the opening and drape them over the sides of the bowl to complete your centerpiece.

Antique Rifle Centerpiece

Antique rifles can be used to make a very tall and dramatic centerpiece. Since the firearms are too long to be laid flat, standing them upright not only saves space but also allows the rifles to be seen from all sides. To mask the stand that is used to keep the rifle pointing upwards, wind ivy around the arms of the stand. Grasses and ferns have a longer outward reach, and when used to surround the antique rifle, act as a counterpoint to the firearm's height. For an extra touch of color, small berries can be then incorporated into the greenery. Safety note: if using this option, make sure that the rifle is unloaded and that the firing pin has been removed.