How to Write Thank-You Notes to Doctors

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A well-written note acknowledges the value of a doctor’s services and expresses a personal sentiment about how those services were appreciated. Take a moment to write a message of gratitude to the health=care providers who make a difference in your life.

Include a Personal Story

Doctors often see countless patients, sometimes juggling multiple people with similar ailments. Include information specific to your story to help the doctor remember you in case you have not been to see her in a while. Instead of writing “You treated my arthritis last year,” try being more personal. A better alternative is “It has been one year since you diagnosed my arthritis. I came to your office feeling confused about why I was in so much pain, and you gave me the answers I needed. A year later, I am feeling more active, and my husband and I just finished a kayaking tour of the San Juan Islands. Your positive attitude and caring manner brightened my diagnosis and helped me get back to my active lifestyle.” Include a copy of a happy recent photo to show her how she helped you feel great and live better.

Be Specific

Thank the doctor for a memorable gesture during your treatment. It may be as small as offering you a cold drink or making you laugh on a particularly difficult day. You could write, “Thank you for always letting my daughter feed the fish in your office. While she hated having to come in for so many check-ups, she always looked forward to seeing your aquarium. Your gentleness and warmth helped her defeat her fear of doctors’ offices.”

Buying and Making Cards

If you are using a store-bought thank-you note for your doctor, choose an appropriate design that aligns with her personality. Do not solely rely on the pre-printed message; follow it with a heartfelt personal sentiment. If you are making a card at home, the cover might feature an illustration of her medical specialty along with a message of gratitude. For example, draw a heart for a cardiologist, bumblebees and peanut butter for an allergist, or a pair of sneakers for a podiatrist. If her specialty is too difficult to draw or if your case was a bit more sensitive, a simple “Thank You” works.

Special Deliveries

To thank the medical team that assisted you in the delivery of your baby, a cheerful card may be addressed directly to the doctor or to his entire team. Name members of the team, if possible, and thank them for the specific ways they may have helped you through labor. The delivery room team helps many mothers, so include your name and the day of the baby’s birth. Include a photo of the newborn. Keep in mind this photo may be displayed publicly at the health center or hospital. For a special touch, include the baby’s handprint or footprint after your signature at the end of the letter.