How to Word an Invite to a Women's Church Group

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Inviting women to a church function can be a delicate matter, especially if the prospective guest is wary of religious activities. An invitation should be positive, polite and professional. Use words that make a woman feel welcome, not pressured to attend the function. Provide contact information so the women can ask questions about appropriate dress and behavior prior to the event.

Address the invitation personally, even if it is a form letter, and always use the salutation "Dear." If the person is known by a group member, use her first name; if not, address her by the correct title based on her marital status and last name. Always check spelling carefully.

Open the invitation by making the prospective guest feel that she is needed in the group. When inviting a woman familiar to church members, mention specific qualities she possesses and explain how those qualities will be beneficial to the women’s group. If the invitation is for a mass mailing, use a phrase such as “We need your smiling face to brighten our group” that is applicable to all women and will give her confidence a boost.

Explain the group’s goals and regular activities briefly. Mention any charity work the members are involved in. Also mention events the group regularly participates in so the invited woman understands the purpose of the organization and develops an idea of how she could be involved.

Anticipate questions about appropriate dress, time commitment and whether food is provided and address these items. It will prevent the woman from wondering and ward off common excuses for choosing not to attend. Write to these details with nonchalance; for example, rather than say, "You may wear jeans," choose more tactful wording such as, "We are a casual group who are comfortable with each other and do not dress to impress."

Express enthusiasm about the possibility the invited guest will attend and use certain words that convey your expectations of her attendance; for example, “We look forward to seeing you the last Saturday of this month.”

Attempt to confirm the woman’s attendance by requesting a response. Provide a reason you need contact, such as your need to determine a reasonable estimate of how much food will be needed or ensure the intended meeting space will be large enough to accommodate everyone attending. Include detailed contact information so she will be able to ask any questions and confirm her reservation.

Reinforce your anticipation at seeing the woman in the group and the important role she will play.

Print the invitation on colored paper or cardstock and address the envelope with the woman's correct marital status title and full name.