How to Wash Genuine Shearling-Lined Leather House Shoes

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Tired, cold feet love shearling-lined house shoes. The shearling inside molds to your feet and the suede outer surface protects toes from moisture. If you own a pair of shearling-lined house shoes, you probably wear them whenever possible because they are comfortable and warm. But if your house shoes are dirty from all that comfortable wearing time, you can wash them to restore their original appearance.

Dip a clean washcloth or towel in cool water and wipe the cloth over the shoe. Your goal is to dampen the entire shoe.

Mix equal amounts of water and cleaner in a small bowl.

Dip a clean sponge in the cleaner mixture and wipe the sponge over the shoe. Scrub any stains gently with the sponge.

Rinse the cleaner with the washcloth and cool water. Do not soak the leather; it should be damp.

Repeat with the other shoe.

Stuff the shoes with paper towels.

Place the shoes in a warm place to dry, but out of direct heat and sunlight. Drying can take up to a day.

Brush the shoes with the suede brush when the leather is completely dry. Brush in only one direction to raise the nap of the suede.