How to Wash A Silk Scarf

A silk scarf, in itself, shows your style. It can be a contrast to your outfit or a compliment, but everyone notices a well-tied, well-chosen scarf. No matter what the season, silk scarves are always in style.

Analyze the scarf. How dirty is it?

If a scarf has just a small spot on it, you may be able to clean just the spot. Mix 1 tsp. Woolite or baby shampoo with 1 cup warm water (not hot). Using a lint-free cloth, wet the cloth and lightly rub the spot on the scarf. You may not be able to tell if it is removed until it is completely dry.

If the scarf has picked up a disagreeable odor, you will need to wash it; likewise, if it accidentally fell in a puddle or otherwise met a bad fate, it will need to be washed.

Mix Woolite as directed on the bottle, or use baby shampoo. It is easiest to wash a scarf in a bowl or the bathroom sink; let soak two minutes and then dunk up and down several times. Drain the water from the bowl and fill with cool water. Let sit one minute, then dunk up and down. You may want to let the water run in the faucet and gently run the scarf under the water until there is no sign of soap bubbles.

Gently squish the water out of the scarf. You may wring lightly, but twisting silk too much may keep the scarf from regaining its shape.

Hang the scarf where it can drip on a towel or in a bowl for two hours.

Lay the scarf out on a towel to dry while smoothing out wrinkles with your hand; force the scarf into shape. Let dry completely.