How to Use Baking Soda as a Deodorant


If you want a low-cost and effective deodorant, chances are, you'll find this product in your kitchen cupboard. From cooking to cleaning, baking soda is an effective and versatile household staple. In fact, baking soda can be just as effective on your skin as it is in the kitchen. The environmentally friendly product does not have any chemicals that may irritate your skin. It's a natural alternative to the conventional antiperspirants and deodorants on the supermarket shelf.

Wash your underarms with soap and water before applying baking soda, so that odor-producing bacteria are eliminated. Baking soda may be best applied after a shower after the area is scrubbed clean.

Dry your underarms with a towel. Make sure that the area is dry for application.

Do a sniff test. If you apply baking soda to underarms that are not fully cleansed, it is possible that the bacteria will still produce odor. Make sure that your underarms are completely devoid of odor.

Brush or pat the baking soda directly onto your underarms. Use the amount that you feel is necessary.