How to Use an Exposed Derm X Cloth

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Wash away acne prone skin with the Exposed Derm-X Cloth. The cloth looks similar to a standard white washcloth but with many more benefits. Made with microdermabrasion material, the cloth exfoliates dead skin to revive new skin cell generation and assist with clearing up hard-to-conquer acne. Use the cloth in conjunction with the Exposed Derm-X Skin Care system, or simply use it alone with your choice of facial wash. In addition to assisting with new skin generation and acne, the cloth removes missed cosmetics, oil, and dirt. Freshen up your face and expose a whole new you with the Exposed Derm-X Cloth.

Wash your face thoroughly with a facial cleanser. It is recommended by Exposed Skin Care Solutions that you use the cloth with the entire skin care line; however, it is not necessary. Rinse your face completely before using the Exposed Derm-X Cloth.

Wet the cloth and apply directly to your face. There is no need to add additional cleanser onto the cloth. The cloth contains specially formulated fibers to remove dead skin cells, reach missed beauty products along the hair line, and open your pores to reveal brighter skin.

Move the cloth in a circular motion around your face. Avoid rubbing around the eye area but do circulate around the nose and ear areas, which are commonly missed when washing your face.

Rinse the cloth as needed. The cloth should always be clean when working around your face; therefore, if you encounter a heavy build-up of cosmetics or dirt, simply rinse the grime off the towel and continue to wipe down you face.

Clean the towel using mild detergent on a delicate spin cycle or hand-washing. Dry the towel on low-heat in the dryer. Avoid washing the towel with other towels to preserve the fibers.