How to Use a Wash Basin

Before indoor plumbing became available, there was a time when you could find a wash basin in every home. Wash basins are large bowls that people placed in bedrooms and sometimes outdoors near pumps, in order to wash between baths. These basins were often accompanied by a vase to hold the water. Wash basins are still occasionally used in old rustic homes, by bed-ridden people to freshen up, or by campers out in the wild, far from a facility with plumbing available.

Clean your wash basin if it is dusty or has not been cleaned. Pour a little bit of water into your wash basin. Wet your hands and face.

Soap up your hands and wash your face. If you prefer, wet a wash cloth and soap it, rubbing it on the parts of your body you desire to clean.

Hold one hand over the basin and pour some fresh water into it, rinsing away the soap. Transfer the pitcher to the other hand and repeat. Splash clean water on your face.

Hold your wash cloth over the pitcher and pour some fresh water on it. Wring it out. Pour more water on it and wring it out again, until it is rinsed clean of soap. Use the wash cloth with fresh water to wipe soap off your body.

Wash your hair by lowering your head over the basin. Pour water onto your hair and lather up with shampoo. Pour more clean water onto your hair, slowly, allowing it to drip into the basin. Continue rinsing until the soap is out of your hair. Wring your hair over the basin.

Dispose of the water in the wash basin by pouring it on the ground outdoors, or down the drain. Rinse and clean your wash basin and pitcher to keep it sanitary for future use.