How to Use a Revlon Portable Manicure Set

Courtesy of Photobucket

A Revlon portable manicure set is very handy for road trips, vacations or if you break a nail at work. It can help keep your nails healthy and beautiful, while shielding them from damage. If you understand the manicure process, you will be able to fix your own nails in no time. If you keep one of these manicure sets in your purse or bag.

Wash your nails underneath warm water with the tea tree soap and the nail cleansing brush that come in the Revlon portable manicure set. Scrub the tops and sides of your nails, as well as the tips, to get rid of dirt and oil. Dry hands.

Use the battery operated rotary manicure appliance that comes with five interchangeable attachments. If you broke a nail, use the filing disc to trim it down. If you are just providing yourself with a manicure, start with the large cone filer or the small cone filer, depending on how long your nails are. If they are longer than the tip of your finger, use the larger one. Attach it to the rotary by snapping it on, and then gently roll it over each nail surface while it is spinning. This helps shape the nails and clean them.

Use the cleansing brush to dust off your nails after using the cone filers. Next, attach the cuticle stick the rotary. Gently push back your cuticles on the top of your fingers and the sides. Use the brush on nails to get rid of debris once finished.

Snap on the filing disc to file down nails if necessary, or get rid of any excess skin or dirt under the nails. Lastly, attach the polisher disc to the rotary. Gently roll it over the nails until you see a shiny appearance.

Wipe off hands and put supplies back into the portable manicure set.