How to Use a Garlic Press

How to Use a Garlic Press. Use a garlic press to crush your garlic when you want to give a dish big garlic flavor. The press is an easy way to prepare your garlic. You can store the pressed garlic in a glass container in the refrigerator for future use. This is also an excellent tool to create small portions for homemade baby food.

Pick garlic that has tight skin with no green shoots growing from the top. Take any green shoots you find inside the cloves out before pressing.

Put one clove of garlic in the press at a time, unless you have a big press that can handle many cloves. Peeling the skin from the garlic is not necessary.

Press the handles of the garlic press firmly together while holding it over a container. If the garlic is being pressed to be stored, use a glass container with a tight fitting lid to prevent the odor from getting out.

Store garlic in the refrigerator once it has been pressed. It can keep for months if properly stored.

Use pressed garlic in dishes that you want to have strong flavor. Pressing garlic brings out the oils and flavor more than chopping it.

Press bananas for pancakes or muffins. Mash cooked apples, carrots or peas for homemade baby food. The garlic press is excellent as it makes small portions.

Allow the children to use the garlic press. Kids love making hair out of dough for cooking recipes that require it. Put a small ball of dough in the press. Form long strands of dough that can be used as hair for decorating in recipes.