How to Toast Pine Nuts for a Beef Flank Steak


0:00 so now that we have our beef ready to go

0:02 it's time to make our filling and the

0:03 first thing we need to do for that is to

0:05 go ahead and toast our pine nuts and

0:07 these pine nuts are really actually

0:08 pretty expensive they're about sixteen

0:10 dollars a pound so you want to make sure

0:11 that whenever you put them in the oven

0:13 to toast or on them pain that you keep a

0:15 close eye on and so that they don't burn

0:16 so we're just going to put them in a

0:18 cheap an like so and spread them out

0:20 into one even layer I'm going to place

0:24 them into a 350-degree oven and we're

0:26 going to cook them for about five to

0:28 seven minutes or till you start to smell

0:30 them and you want them to a nice light

0:31 brown color go ahead and pull and make

0:33 sure you don't overcook them and another

0:35 way to cook these is to do them on a

0:37 stove and all you have to do is put them

0:39 in a saute pan and cook them over

0:41 medium-high heat until they turn a nice

0:42 brown color the keys to remove them as

0:45 soon as they're ready because they will

0:46 continue cooking in the pan even if you

0:47 turn off the heat