How to Talk to God When You're Alone and Lost

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People often desire to find a greater meaning in their life by forming a relationship with God when they feel alone, or like something in their life is missing. If someone is new to that process, it may seem confusing or even intimidating. In reality, talking to God is what you make it -- as simple as talking to a friend or as formal as a prayer service in a church. An open heart and mind, along with a little practice, makes prayer a means of spiritual communication available to anyone.

Get comfortable. Choose a place to talk to God where you feel most comfortable, such as inside a church, with a minister, with a friend or alone in your home. Some people find the outdoors, such as a park or at the beach, to be the place they feel closest to God. Decide if you prefer a private or public location. Make sure the place feels comfortable and safe and allows you to focus on what you want to say.

Say what you need to say. Speak as formally or informally as you want to; just make sure you say everything that's on your mind. Tell God about your fears, pain, hopes and dreams. Talk about what made you want to speak to God in the first place. Ask questions if you have them, or ask for help and forgiveness. Offer thanks for things you are grateful for. You can whisper, speak out loud or simply say a prayer in your mind as long as you get it all out.

Speak as often as you need to. There is no particular time of day that is best for talking to God. Any hour, any day -- God is available. Just as you would grab a phone to call a close friend at all hours, you may do so with God. Feel free to speak to God several times a day, once a day, throughout the day or every few days. Just speak whenever you need to.

Listen for answers. While there won't be a booming voice bellowing advice like you see in movies, people often find answers to their questions and problems by reading the Bible, from people who seem to be sent in a time of need, or thorugh a feeling of peacefulness where there was once unease. Don't expect answers and help to arrive instantly, and don't be discouraged if they don't. Give yourself time to really find the solutions to the situations you placed before God in conversation.