How to Substitute Mahi Mahi for Halibut

mahi mahi trophy image by Mat Hayward from

The firm, sweet flesh of the mahi mahi fish makes it an ideal substitute for a wide range of halibut recipes. The lean and muscular mahi mahi is known to swim alongside fishing vessels and keep pace with the boat, which is why it also is called the dolfinfish. Fresh mahi mahi has similar textural and flavor qualities to halibut. This causes the flesh of the fish to respond well to the same seasonings and cooking techniques used for halibut.

Portion the mahi mahi fillets with a sharp knife so they are the same weight and thickness as the halibut called for in the original recipe. Pull out any bone pieces protruding from the fillets. Peel the skin off the back of the mahi mahi if substituting for skinless halibut.

Rinse the mahi mahi fillets under cold, running water. Pat them completely dry with paper towels.

Substitute the prepared mahi mahi portions directly into the recipe without change. Season, marinate and cook the fish fillets as if they were halibut. Handle the portions gently to keep them intact throughout the cooking process.

Insert a probe thermometer into the thickest part of each mahi mahi portion. Remove the fish from the heat when the internal temperature reaches 145 degrees F. Wait five minutes before serving the mahi mahi.