How to Stovetop Grill Shrimp


0:00 On behalf of Expert Village this is Bill Feldman from New York City, "The Boxing Chef" on stove

0:08 top grilling techniques. Now to finish up this project and presentation that we are

0:15 doing I'm going to take the shrimp and I'm going to grill them. I'm going to lay them

0:20 out one by one. You can do that with your hand or if you are really finicky and you

0:26 don't want to touch it use the thongs. Just like that. Especially if you are out and cooking

0:35 in front of people or if you have people watching yes you definitely have to use the tongs.

0:42 Now, when it is cooking there is only one way to do it you can not touch it with your

0:47 hands. You would burn yourself like. Take a little salt spread it on the shrimp. Oh

0:56 I like pepper so I'm going to really do this up with a lot of pepper on there. You can

1:02 use a pepper shaker or if you are really into those wooden grinders you can use one of those

1:08 and put it on. Whatever you like.