How to Store Rubbing Alcohol

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Rubbing alcohol is a common household product, used for skin abrasions and as a cleaning agent. Despite its prevalent use and safe reputation, the formula is almost entirely isopropyl alcohol, which is flammable and can be dangerous if inhaled or swallowed. Overexposure to isopropyl alcohol can cause headache, drowsiness or confusion. To take precautions in your home, follow these simple steps for rubbing alcohol storage, and see a doctor immediately if you experience any adverse symptoms.

Check the alcohol bottle for any leaks. If the bottle has not been used in some time, inspect the bottle's label for discoloration, which may be evidence of any drips that have dried. To ensure the bottle is sealed, remove the lid, screw it back on and then hold it upside down over a sink to be certain none of it escapes.

Find an area to store the alcohol. Choose a place that is away from other cleaners, such as chlorine bleach. If you have children or pets, you may also wish to choose a place that is out of their reach. Ensure the spot you have chosen is dry, cool and well-ventilated. Isopropyl alcohol is flammable and exposure to heat poses a serious risk of fire.

Place the bottle in the area you have chosen. During the time of its storage, it is a good idea to check the bottle and the area surrounding it periodically to ensure the bottle has not begun to leak. You may wish to create a reminder for yourself, perhaps included on a household checklist to remind you to do this.