How to Store Bananas Longer

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Bananas have a smooth flavor and dense, sweet meat inside. This yellow fruit contains vitamin B6, C and loads of potassium. With just over 100 calories per medium-sized banana, these fruits make a good choice for snacks. Bananas are sold by the bunch and eating them all before they ruin can be a challenge. Fortunately, the fruit becomes sweeter and more flavorful as it ripens. Most people like eating the bananas during their "yellow" stage, but this fruit is safe to eat even after the peel turns darker.

Allow bananas to ripen before stopping the ripening process. The bananas should be bright yellow and firm. If bananas are green, place them in a loosely closed paper bag overnight to ripen them.

Remove the fruit from the bag and place them in the refrigerator. Bananas will keep five to seven days longer when refrigerated.

Place the bananas on the counter and let them return to room temperature before using them. This usually takes 15 to 30 minutes.