Does Mango Turn Brown?

by Maxine Wallace
You can store cut mango refrigerated for up to four days or freeze for one year.

You can store cut mango refrigerated for up to four days or freeze for one year.

Mangoes do not turn brown when peeled and chopped, as some fruits do that are highly susceptible to oxidation. If a mango has browned, this is a sign of spoilage, and the brown, black or softened piece should be cut away and discarded. Mangoes are widely available and a welcome addition to smoothies, fruit salads and salsas, both for their vibrant color and the tropical twist that they add to otherwise ordinary items.

Fresh Mangoes Uncovered

Fresh mangoes should not turn brown unless they are rotten or spoiled, and this is typically in one or more localized spots on the mango, not throughout. Mangoes do not oxidize as noticeably as apples or bananas when cut and peeled, but instead maintain their vibrant yellow-orange color. When cut mangoes are exposed to air for prolonged periods, they do become slightly darker yellow or orange, but this change is not pronounced like other fruits that turn brown. Store cut mangoes in an airtight container, refrigerated.

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