How to Stop Odors From Your Armpits

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Spruce up your underarm area and avoid embarrassing situations by stopping unwanted underarm odor before it starts. Underarm odor can turn into an awkward situation for not only you but anyone else who is sitting near you. Fortunately, there are immediate, long-term and preventative measures to take to avoid the unwanted attention to your arms. The reasons for underarm odor can vary from medical conditions to poor hygiene; therefore, take care of your body and maintain your overall personal health.

Bathe daily or twice a day for maximum results. Bathing, or showering, will help to rid your body of the bacteria that may build up during the night or day from sweating. Bacteria thrive in moisture-rich places, such as your underarms on a hot day and your genital area. Keep the area fresh and clean by soaking in a warm bath with 3-cups of pure tomato sauce, suggests Health 911. The tomato juice will counteract with the bacteria to neutralize the odor. Drain the water, rinse your body off and scrub your arms with a soap filled washcloth to remove any additional bacteria.

Wear loose-fitting clothing during the day, especially on hot days, to help prevent underarm odor. Health 911 suggests wearing clothing made of all-natural fibers, and avoiding fabrics made with synthetic fabrics because they do not breathe well and will retain smells and bacteria. Wash your clothes frequently, especially if you sweat in the clothing or excessively.

Watch your diet to help with unwanted underarm odor. Certain foods may cause odor from your armpits, these foods may include certain types of meats, garlic, coffee, drinks and spices. Keep track of your odor and write down what you eat after you smell the odor. You may not be able to eat garlic without the after effect of underarm odor; therefore, plan in advance if you know you will be eating garlic to ensure you do not smell afterwards. In addition to keeping track of food, drink your recommended eight glasses of water a day to help flush out your body.

Apply a natural remedy to your underarm. Soak cotton balls in white, distilled vinegar and apply to your underarm area for three minutes. The vinegar will dissolve the underarm smell immediately. Another option is to apply baking soda, or cornstarch, to the underarm area instead of deodorant. Simply sprinkle a small amount onto the area and let it sit for a few minutes.

Mix a solution of 1 tsp of hydrogen peroxide with 1 cup water and wash your armpit. If the smell persists, add more hydrogen peroxide to the water.