How to Soothe a Rash Caused by Deodorant

How to Soothe a Rash Caused by Deodorant. Soothing a rash caused by a deodorant can be a fairly easy process, as long as you are aware of different types of soothing agents that are available. Also, it is important to figure out what ingredient in the deodorant caused the rash in the first place, so that an appropriate cure can be used. Read on to find out how you can soothe a pesky rash caused by underarm deodorant.

Stop using the deodorant for several days and see if the rash gets better.

Make a paste of crushed vitamin C tablets mixed with water and apply it to the affected armpit. This may be effective because of the antioxidant qualities of the vitamin.

Apply a baking soda and water solution to the area, or just apply baking soda directly like a powder.

Apply any of the following to the affected armpit: aloe vera, cod liver oil or vitamin E.

Soak a clean washcloth in witch hazel and use as a compress on the affected armpit for 30 minutes.

Let your armpits air out as much as possible by lying or sitting with your arm in the air.

After the rash is gone, use a different deodorant to see if the rash reappears. Try using a deodorant without fragrance or color to see if those ingredients are causing your rash.