How to Size Coveralls

monkeybusinessimages/iStock/Getty Images

Coveralls are common in the workplace and useful at home for jobs that call for manual labor. They're easier to throw in the washing machine than your daily separates, which remain protected under the durable fabric. It can be tempting to toss aside a pair of coveralls if they are even slightly too snug or loose, as their all-in-one style makes an ill-fit immediately noticeable. Before you set your sights on your next pair of coveralls, take the right measurements for a comfortable fit.

Pull on a shirt that you intend to wear under the coveralls. If you plan to wear a sweatshirt in the colder months, wear one to account for the added bulk.

Stretch your arms up vertically on either side of your head. Have someone wrap fabric measuring tape around the widest part of your chest beneath your underarms.

Drop your arms over the measuring tape, and tuck one fist under the tape in the center of your chest. This will prevent the coveralls from getting too tight when you bend or sit down. Note the measurement where each end of the tape meets beneath your underarm. This is the chest measurement.

Place the end of the measuring tape under your heel. Stand up straight, looking straight ahead. Have someone pull the measuring tape up in alignment with your back, until the tape reach the crown of your head. Note the measurement as the height portion of the coverall size.