How to Shrink Loafers

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If you own a pair of leather loafers that are simply too big, you can fix them by shrinking the leather. Most shoe salesmen advise against getting your leather shoes wet and drying them in the heat. This is because it will result in shrinking your shoes. But you can use this advice to your benefit. Any attempt to shrink loafers should be done slowly because most leather shoes can become easily damaged by water and heat.

Remove the insoles of the loafer and set them aside.

Spray the loafers with clean water until they are wet but not soaked. Soaking may ruin the leather’s color and texture.

Set the loafers out in the hot sun to dry. If this is not possible, dry the shoes with a hair dryer on a low setting. As the shoes are drying, try them on several times. If they have shrunk enough, wear the shoes around until they dry completely to help the shoes mold to your feet.

When the loafers are dry, replace the insoles. If the shoes have dried completely and are still not small enough, repeat the process by spraying the shoes wet again. This time however, dry them with your hair dryer in a higher setting or put them in your dryer on low. If you are putting them in your dryer, tie a shoelace to each shoe and close the laces in the door to prevent the shoes from hitting the sides of the machine.

If this works, use leather conditioner to help soften the shoes. Drying and shrinking shoes can be hard on the leather and can make them stiff and cracked.

If the process does not work, take your loafers to a shoe shop. They will be trained in leather working and will be able to tell you if shrinking the loafers is possible and, if so, will be able to perform it without ruining your shoes.