How to Sell Jewelry


0:01 Hi, I'm Judy Carrier with Jewels by Park Lane, and I'm here to talk to you about selling

0:05 jewelry. How do you go about it? Well, simple. First of all you wear it. You have to have

0:12 it on. People have to notice that they have to want it. How are they going to want it

0:15 if they never see it? You have to show your product. The easiest way is wearing it every

0:19 place you go because everybody you meet is a potential customer. If you're standing in

0:24 line at the checkout, someone's going to say, oh I love those earrings. Or, do you think

0:30 they might notice my bracelet? You know. And if they don't, make sure that they do. The

0:36 whole idea is to get the product out there. Now, selling it is another matter. People

0:44 are going to say well how much? Well you know, you got to look at it this way. You can just

0:49 blurt out a price and they're going to say, really, oh that's way too much. Or you're

0:53 going to say well, you know, I don't really know what it costs because you can probably

1:00 get it full price, you could get it for half price, you could get it for a fraction of

1:07 that or you could get it free. Oh that always gets their attention, how do you get it free?

1:12 Well, why don't you have a party for them and invite some of your friends over, I can

1:16 make sure you get your jewelry free when they want to purchase some of my beautiful gems.

1:22 That's one way of selling them. Another way would be to take it to trade shows, take it

1:28 to auctions, go on eBay or one of the other internet sites. In fact, you can do it just

1:40 about anywhere. Donate pieces to local charities because this gets your name and your product

1:48 known and that's the whole idea. You can't sell something if people don't know you have

1:53 it. So the biggest part of selling is marketing and I don't care who you talk to or what you

2:00 talk about, you're selling. Even if it's, oh gee, what's the best place to get - to

2:08 buy a tire? Where should I go, I need to go to a doctor, someone's going to sell me on

2:15 their doctor. Well, I'm trying to sell jewelry, aren't you? So that's what you do. You talk

2:20 about it, you show it, you get it out there, it's as simple as that. I'm Judy Carrier with

2:26 Jewels by Park Lane, and that's how you sell jewelry.