How to Season a Turkey

Roasted Turkey image by William Berry from

Turkey is both healthy and delicious. In fact, it's so healthy that many people are choosing to prepare turkey all year long. Whether you make a full dinner or just sandwiches, seasoning is very important. Unfortunately, many people have no idea how to properly season this tasty bird. Thankfully, the steps are incredibly easy.

Place herbs under the skin. Many people make the mistake of only seasoning the skin. Unfortunately, this doesn't add any flavor to the meat. Instead, insert your fingers under the skin to create pockets. Inside these pockets, place your favorite herbs.

Brush the skin with melted butter. Melted butter both browns the skin and adds great flavor.

Season the skin. Fresh cracked black pepper and kosher salt is the perfect choice for the outside of the turkey. These flavors work best with the flavor of the herb infused meat.

Place herbs inside the cavity. A turkey can be rather large and the herbs under the skin aren't enough to flavor the entire bird. That's why you need to also place herbs inside the cavity as well.