How to Remove Wrinkles Without an Iron

Photo by Ryn Gargulinski

When you have somewhere to go and your outfit is disgustingly wrinkled and you have no iron, what can be done? Unless it’s a gauzy fabric that you can wrinkle more to make it appear you wanted it that way, you’ll want to get rid of the creases. You can remove wrinkles without an iron with a lot of hot water and a few simple steps.

Hang the garment by the shower rod, ensuring it will not get splashed with water.

Turn on the shower full blast on the hottest temperature while you go outside the bathroom and close the door.

Wait at least 10 minutes and return to the bathroom to see how unwrinkled your clothing has become. Stiff fabrics with many wrinkles may need more time. Add more time as necessary.

If you’ve given your clothing a goodly amount of time in the steam bath and you still see wrinkles, take a damp cloth to the fabric.

Stretch the steamed fabric and scrape the damp cloth along the wrinkles as you hold the fabric taut, further removing any creases.

Shake the garment to cool it off, wait until it’s room temperature, then get dressed.